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Zephyr offers three products: Zephyr Enterprise Edition that entire departments and enterprises can use to manage all aspects of their testing lifecycles, across projects, systems and timezones, Zephyr for JIRA that allows project teams to manage all their testing inside JIRA, and Zephyr Community Edition that is ideal for a single project team that is just getting started with test management.

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for JIRA
Enterprise Test Management platform
with Support for departments and enterprises

From $96 user/month

Min annual commitment required

Free Trial

  • Full integration with JIRA Download and On-Demand
  • Manage Releases and Sprints
  • Add and Track Requirements
  • Organize Test Repositories
  • Create and reuse Manual Testcases
  • Integrate Automation scripts
  • Plan and Execute Test Cycles
  • Integrate with Bugzilla 3/4
  • Track Real-Time Metrics
  • Available as SaaS and On-Premise
  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Named and Concurrent licenses
  • Custom Reports, Trend Charts
  • Unlimited API access
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Free upgrades
  • Email, phone and interactive Support
A single project team
getting started on Test Management


10 named global users, 1 project


  • Full integration with JIRA Download and On-Demand
  • Manage Releases and Sprints
  • Add and Track Requirements
  • Organize Test Repositories
  • Create and reuse Manual Testcases
  • Integrate Automation scripts
  • Plan and Execute Test Cycles
  • Integrate with Bugzilla 3/4
  • Track Real-Time Metrics
Test management add-on
for JIRA 5 & 6 platforms

From $10 onwards

Same licensing tiers as JIRA

Try or Buy Online

  • Manage tests natively inside JIRA 5 and 6
  • Organize Test Repositories
  • Create and reuse Manual Testcases
  • Plan and Execute Test Cycles
  • Track quality metrics via Gadgets
  • Leverage all JIRA 5/6 platform capabilities
  • Integrate with Atlassian Capture
Unlimited, per user pricing


As per license tier


SaaS, On-Premise (Win, Linux)

On-Premise (Win)

Download (Add-on to JIRA 5 and 6)
License Types:
Global Named and Concurrent

Global Named

JIRA license tiers (10, 25, 50, 100, 500 and Enterprise)
Email, Online, Phone


Online, Email, Phone (Enterprise)


1st year included

Zephyr for JIRA FAQ

For all Zephyr for JIRA related questions, please refer to the Buying FAQ.

The next few sections refer to Zephyr Enterprise and Community Editions.


We offer simple-to-understand licenses. There are two license types for Zephyr Enterprise Edition; Named and Concurrent. Contact the Zephyr sales team to receive a recommendation of which is best for your needs. All licenses are Global.

Named User Licenses: Allows a specific user unlimited access any time. This license is ideal for teams who want to know with 100% confidence that their team members always have access to the system under every circumstance.

Concurrent User Licenses: Allows an infinite number of users to share a license. However, only one user may be logged in concurrently. This license is ideal for teams who intend to engage the extended team (engineering, support, product management, etc.) but do not want to buy dedicated named user licenses for each of them. These licenses are also great for globally distributed teams who work 24 x 7.

Dashboards: Zephyr makes dashboard access free. Dashboard access may be provided to internal stakeholders or externally to third party development partners or customers. In either case, the team is able to customize what data is made available and what information is not viewable.

Add Licenses

Adding licenses to your existing Enterprise Edition is easy. Please contact Zephyr Sales at sales (at) or use the form below.

Upgrade from Community Edition

Upgrading from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition is a simple matter of contacting Zephyr Sales at sales (at) or use the form below. When an Enterprise Edition license key is applied to a Community Edition installation, it instantly unlocks all enterprise related features. Moving from an On-Premise Windows installation to Linux or even to a SaaS installation is just as easy.

Deployment Options

We offer our customers two deployment options with our Zephyr Enterprise Edition to provide enterprise security, scalability and reliability. Zephyr's SaaS option offers instantly on capabilities while the on-premise software enables you to own and manage your installation within your firewalls and in adherence to your policies.

  • Leverages Amazon 24/7 secure cloud
  • No hardware costs
  • No software to install and maintain
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • Automatic updates and back-ups
  • Multi-continent disaster recovery

  • Windows or Linux
  • Complete integrated software stack
  • Installs in 10 mins
  • Maintain complete control
  • Out-of-the-box backup/restore scripts
  • Receive support and upgrades


Zephyr is frequently recognized for its superior customer support throughout the customer experience. Depending on the support level selected, customers receive a combination of email support and phone support with varying hours, support case management, etc. Contact sales and we'll provide you with the support level that is right for you. Please visit our Support site for more details.

Professional Services

Zephyr's Professional Services provides a comprehensive set of consulting services including Technical and Strategic consulting to help you reach your testing strategy goals. Our team of experienced testers and test leads are also able to provide additional manpower to your project by supplementing your QA team or driving entire QA releases. For more details or pricing information, please contact your sales representative.


As easy as we have made Zephyr to use, we understand that with the typical QA team's hectic schedules, switching to a new test management application can be a bit daunting. Our Professional Services staff has therefore designed the Zephyr KickStart Program which helps your QA team become fully functional in less than 2 days. The KickStart Program includes assistance in setting up and configuring Zephyr, importing testcases, setting up execution cycles, etc. and provide training for your QA personnel. We are also able to design a customized training which meets your specific requirements. All training is instructor-led and is conducted via an online webinar format or can be conducted onsite at your location. Please contact your sales representative for pricing information.

Contact Sales